Abattoir reports 2023

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The Food Safety Agency (Pty) Ltd t/a Agency for Food Safety (AFS) is a private company established in August 2013. We render services to the Food of Animal Origin Industries in South Africa with independent meat inspection and –classification as our core business.

Attached please find the link to our National Animal Health Disease Information System (NAHDIS) website: www.nahdis.co.za

You are welcome to register as user and by doing so, to gain access to the latest animal health disease information data summaries with regards to abattoir condemnations, as captured daily by Veterinarians & Meat Inspectors from abattoirs across South Africa.

The traditional Act 40 of 2000 ‘Schedule 8’ report is used to collate abattoir statistics on a monthly basis. It contains information with regards to carcass & offal condemnations (post mortem meat inspection), aesthetic & infectious (including zoonotic-) conditions, as found at abattoirs, and lairage reports, as noted during ante mortem inspections. It is divided per province, month, year, slaughter specie, disease category & condition.

These statistics are representative of the total number of animals slaughtered in South African legally registered abattoirs and the amount of conditionally passed, as well as total carcass condemnations vs. amounts slaughtered, are reflected. The NAHDIS system allows for the generation of user specific reports (province, year, month, species, etc.) which can be down-loaded / printed into various electronic software formats.

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Blood Splashing in Bovine Meat Cuts

During the deboning procedure of Beef carcasses, it is often encountered that certain muscle cuts show clear signs of ecchymosis, also referred to as “blood splashing” or “blood spotting”.

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Injection Sites in Slaughter Stock

Often downgraded or even condemned carcasses are encountered at abattoirs due to “injection sites”. This can lead to huge losses in the monetary return value of a farming enterprise after slaughter animal carcasses are downgraded due to classification damage codes applied following the trimming applied to a carcass to remove the injection site for purposes of food safety.

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