About RuVASA

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The Ruminant Veterinary Association of South Africa is a special interest group of SAVA (South African Veterinary Association). This group of veterinarians (all registered with the South African Veterinary Council) has members dispersed throughout the country and neighbouring countries working in the private and public sector, universities, industries, laboratories and research institutions.

The main business of the Association is to adopt a leadership and guidance role for veterinary issues relating to livestock with a particular emphasis on ruminant populations to ensure food security and safety and to support related enterprises and systems wherein owners and the public at large derive benefit.

Main Objectives:

  • To provide quality continuous professional development (CPD) to the RuVASA members, industry partners and customers.
  • To foster collaboration between ruminant veterinarians (with senior members mentoring their young colleagues) and with relevant producer 

To this end, RuVASA :

  • Operates independently within the framework of the South African Veterinary Association in the interests of veterinarians involved with ruminants and related industry.
  • Promotes – to the farmer and producer of ruminants – the benefits of using professional vets in all aspects of health, welfare and production in the industry.
  • Liaises with all parties concerned with the production of ruminants and to promote closer cooperation between these parties.
  • Acts as the unified voice for the livestock veterinarian fraternity.
  • Liaises and works with similar groups internationally.
  • Organises regular congresses and seminars for members and related interest groups.
  • Encourages its members to establish professional and relaxed, approachable relationships with their clients.

Ruvasa’s Disease Reporting System.

Veterinary practices, state veterinarians, veterinary laboratories and veterinary consultants from across the country report each month on diseases and other conditions in their areas. This information and the large data base thus built up is used to make farmers aware of disease outbreaks so that the necessary steps can be taken to secure the health of the national herd. This information is monthly available and sent to the Agricultural media.

In 2021 RuVASA received disease reports from 168 participants.